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Downloadable Diabetes Educational Materials

The diabetes educational materials available here for download provide personal solutions that can help you manage diabetes every day.

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Getting Started

Introduction to Type 2 Diabetes

Get facts about type 2 diabetes, and get tips on healthy changes you can make to help you manage it. Download

Why Blood Sugar Is Important

Find out more about the role of blood sugar in diabetes. Included is a blood sugar journal to track your numbers and help you work with your healthcare provider. Download

What Are Carbs, Anyway?

Understanding carbohydrates is key to managing your blood sugar levels. Get tips on spotting which foods contain carbs to help you make healthier eating choices. Download

Staying Motivated

Balancing Your Plate

Does your plate have the right balance of protein, carbs, and vegetables? Learn simple guidelines that can help you plan your meals and eat healthier with diabetes. Download

Healthy Portions

Small changes like eating more sensible portions can make a big difference in eating healthier with diabetes. Use this handy guide to help you estimate healthy portions. Download

Exercise: Small Moves, Big Difference

Adding more physical activity to your everyday routine can be an important part of managing diabetes. Get tips on getting started, and even ways to make it fun. Download

Taking New Steps

Why Carb Counting Is Important

Once you’re comfortable spotting carbs, get tips for counting the amount of carbs in your meals. This guide can help you manage your blood sugar levels. Download

Diabetes Changes

It’s normal for diabetes - and the way you treat it - to progress over time. Get tips on staying motivated as you manage your diabetes. Download

Keep the Conversation Going

Use this sheet to jot down any questions or concerns you want to ask your healthcare provider at your next appointment. Download

Daily Meal Planning Guide

Use this meal planning guide to make smart food choices that can help manage blood sugar (glucose). Download

My Carbohydrate Guide

Learn about carbohydrates, which foods contain carbs, how to count carbs, and how to make healthy eating a part of your daily life. Download

Self-Care Diary

Use this diary to track your A1C and daily blood sugars. The Self-Care Diary can help you be an active partner in managing your diabetes. Download

Diabetes Emergency Plan

Download this checklist to prepare in advance for disasters, such as hurricanes and earthquakes, that can disrupt your diabetes care. Download

Carbohydrate Counting For Children With Diabetes

When your child has diabetes, it’s important to know about carbohydrates and their effect on blood sugar levels. This parent/caregiver guide provides information about what foods contain carbs, how to count carbs, planning healthy meals, and tips for eating out and preparing school lunches. Download

Diabetes Log Book

A log book for kids that they can use daily for recording their blood sugar, insulin, and grams of carbohydrates (carbs). Download

The Spinner

Carbohydrates are an important part of healthy eating. Use this food spinner to help your child estimate how many carbs are in some common foods. Download

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Knowledge is Power

Learn about diabetes to understand why it's important to manage your blood sugar every day.

Aim for Your Blood Sugar Target

Learn about blood sugar goals and targets to help reduce your risk of diabetes complications.

Mealtime Steps to Success

Help keep blood sugar levels in range with healthy recipes.

Lilly and Disney help families find the magic in everyday moments

Learn how the Lilly and Disney collaboration helps children with type 1 diabetes, their families, and caregivers manage diabetes in their everyday lives.

Diabetes tools you can use

Download diabetes educational materials and meal planning tools.

Count carbs at home or on-the-go

Use the Carb Counting tool to add up your carbs at every snack or meal.

Recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes?

Learn about treatment options for type 2 diabetes, including medications, eating well, and staying active.

Walking toward wellness

Learn why staying active is important in managing diabetes.

Taking care of #1

It's important to take the best care of your body now to help reduce diabetes complications in the future. Learn why.

Different insulins for different needs

Various insulins are available to help manage blood sugar levels. Learn about the different types of insulin available.

Multicultural diabetes materials

Access diabetes awareness resources in 38 different languages.