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Lilly and Disney: A Unique Collaboration

The Lilly Diabetes and Disney collaboration grew out of a desire to help and empower people with type 1 diabetes. Together, these two companies combine the best of two worlds: expertise in type 1 diabetes and Disney magic.

Because families with a child with type 1 diabetes face unique challenges, Lilly Diabetes and Disney Publishing Worldwide created a series of books for children of different ages and at varying stages of type 1 diabetes. These books explore real-life issues for families impacted by type 1 diabetes.

Plus, Lilly and Disney bring you the popular website, Spoonful.com/type1, which offers parents of children with diabetes exciting seasonal content that's updated throughout the month. This useful site helps families impacted by type 1 diabetes establish new routines and gives advice on how to let kids be kids.

These books and magazines are distributed exclusively in the US through doctors' offices. Ask your diabetes healthcare team about getting your child a copy.

Type 1 Diabetes Cookbook

You and your child can cook yummy and diabetes-friendly treats together with Dishing It Up Disney Style. Whip up Piglet's delicious oatmeal pancakes, Goofy's favorite zucchini frittata, and much more!

Type 1 Diabetes Picture Books

In Coco and Goofy's Goofy Day, join Coco and her friends at a fun birthday party. Coco shows how she never lets her type 1 diabetes get in the way of a good time.

Come along to Coco’s first day of school in Coco Goes Back to School. She’ll tell her classmates all about her type 1 diabetes and show everyone that diabetes doesn’t hold her back!

Type 1 Diabetes Junior Novels

Meet Allie Campbell, great soccer player recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. In Up for the Challenge, she struggles between balancing the responsibilities of her team and learning how to deal with her diabetes. Will she be up for the challenge?

In Hannah Montana: Uptight (Oliver's All Right), Miley and Lilly find out their friend Oliver has kept his type 1 diabetes a secret. But they're determined to help him. Will the girls find themselves in over their heads?

Justin Cooper has been chosen captain of his basketball team, but suddenly everything changes. He's been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. In Power Forward, he's got to find a balance between his diabetes and the rest of his life, but how?

Tim Johnston has two things on his mind: football and diabetes. In Running Interference, Tim has to learn how to manage the pressures of game time and his diabetes at school. Can he strike a balance and learn to open up about his diabetes before alienating his friends?

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