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Lilly Camp Care Package

Diabetes camps can help children with type 1 diabetes discover that they are not alone as they learn how they can live with diabetes and have some fun at the same time. Since 2001, Lilly Diabetes has donated more than $22 million in insulin, supplies, and camper backpacks to these camps and has provided scholarships, motivational speakers, and educational resources for kids and parents as well.

To learn more about the Lilly Camp Care Package, please read our annual newsletter.

Lilly proudly offers the following resources to help meet the needs of campers and their caregivers:

Diabetes Educational Kit

A user-friendly kit for children with diabetes is provided through camps participating in the Lilly Camp Care Package program. Each item of the kit was thoughtfully created to help kids learn how to manage diabetes in a fun-filled, friendly way. The kits include a cool inspirational Experience Journal from Olympic cross-country skier Kris Freeman, and other educational tools to support kids and their families dealing with diabetes in everyday life. It all comes in a durable, high-quality L.L.Bean® Book Pack customized with an emergency tag sewn inside.

Parent/Caregiver Kit

The kit is designed for parents/caregivers to provide useful information about diabetes and inform them of other resources offered through the Lilly Camp Care Package program. It includes a welcome letter from Lilly, information on Lilly products and carbohydrate counting for children, and other important information on raising a child with diabetes.

Lilly Hands and Hearts

The Lilly Hands and Hearts employee volunteer program helps foster healthy communities by connecting Lilly employees to opportunities where they can volunteer their time, talent, and passion to make a difference in the lives of others. Diabetes camps are one such area where Lilly employees can, either as a group or individually, volunteer their time.

Camps in Color

Camps in Color is an art therapy-based program that encourages campers to share their diabetes story through art while having fun at camp. The goal of this program is to tap into the strength of common diabetes experiences and to provide the tools in order for campers to express these experiences in an artistic way through teamwork and cooperation. Multiple age-appropriate activities are included to facilitate the creative process and personal sharing.

For more information about diabetes summer camps in your area, visit:

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