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Virtual Visit Guide
3 steps to prep for telehealth visit

Preparing for a telehealth visit

We have all been asked to do more things virtually like working, shopping, connecting with friends & family, and even visits with our health care providers. These virtual doctors' visits are now happening over the phone and on video platforms.

Make the most out of your virtual visit with a 3 Step Prep Checklist

Let’s talk about how to make the most of these telemedicine interactions regardless of the technology your Health Care Provider wants you to use.

Step 1: Prepare yourself

To prepare yourself, do these 3 things before your virtual visit.

  • Be ON TIME. Know the day and time of your telehealth appointment and use your calendar to set reminders for yourself.
  • Keep your MEDICATIONS available during your virtual visit.
  • KNOW your numbers. You may be asked about things like your A1C, Blood Glucose, or weight before your scheduled telehealth visit.

Step 2: Prepare your tech

To prepare your tech, do these 3 things well before your virtual visit.

  • KNOW how your healthcare provider will contact you. If you are using an online platform, download the app on your phone or computer about 15 minutes prior to your visit and ensure you can login.
  • VERIFY if you have cell service or an internet connection.
  • CHECK and adjust the sound level of your device, and make sure you are not on mute.

Step 3: Prepare your space

To prepare your space, do these 3 things well before your virtual visit.

  • CHOOSE a quiet area, where you can discuss personal health.
  • LIMIT distractions so you can focus on your telehealth visit.
  • ENSURE your space is well lit so that your health care provider can see you clearly.

Putting these 3 Steps to Prep in practice will help you and your healthcare provider get the most out of a virtual visit.

Know your A1c before your visit

Your A1c is important to help you and your health care professional understand how well your diabetes treatment plan is working. These home tests kits can help you and your doctor keep track of your progress.

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